Month: January 2020

Fair car loans – the way to a dream car

Cars are often financed these days – no wonder, because who has thousands of USD in his account that he can spontaneously invest in a car? Most car dealerships offer the possibility to directly take out a car loan through a corresponding “car bank”. This means you have everything from a single source. Many car buyers still go to the trouble of getting an offer for car financing from their house bank in order to be able to carry out a car loan comparison. However, it is easy to forget one aspect: Both the car dealership and the house bank around the corner do not usually offer the best conditions. That means high cost of the loan for you. In contrast, the car loan comparison on the Internet is the better option.

The loan comparison on the Internet

The loan comparison on the Internet

If you compare the loan offers on the Internet, this has several advantages for you:

  • always current information
  • greater choice of providers
  • more favorable conditions through greater competition

The larger selection of providers is particularly noteworthy on the Internet. Here you will not only find the conditions for a car loan from a car bank, but also loan offers from numerous direct and internet banks. The latter usually convince with much more attractive terms. They are characterized by lower interest rates, lower fees and extremely fast processing of loan applications. Direct banks conduct a large part of their business via telephone, internet and the post and can therefore save themselves the maintenance of expensive branches. Many banks pass on the money saved directly to customers – in the form of lower interest rates and lower fees.

A car loan comparison is therefore always worthwhile. By the way, you do not have to do a lot of work: our car loan calculator only needs a little information about your desired loan and it already determines the providers who offer the best conditions for your situation. It will be very easy for you to find a car loan cheaply and conveniently.

By the way: If you have the money paid out in cash, you can even bargain over the price of the vehicle with your car dealer, since you can usually get a cheaper price as a cash payer.

Quick and easy to apply for a loan

Quick and easy to apply for a loan

If you want to apply for a car loan from your house bank, you should better prepare yourself for a large number of formalities. Applying for a car loan is much easier with a direct bank. You sit in front of your computer, carry out a comparison and can call up the application of the respective bank directly from the comparison result, fill it in and send it via the Internet. As far as the online preliminary check is positive, you can either print out the correct application directly or you will receive it by post. All you have to do is attach the required evidence, such as a pay slip, and submit the application by post – a cheap car loan can really work easily.


You can get auto loans at almost every bank. However, there are extreme differences in terms. It is therefore advisable to carry out a comprehensive comparison using a credit comparison calculator before concluding the transaction via the auto or house bank.