14 movies and TV shows shot in Vancouver in August


A new month means new movies and TV shows will be filmed here in Vancouver.

From filmmaking to the resurgence of popular series, these actors and this team work hard to deliver a whole new preview-worthy piece that you don’t want to miss. Keep an eye on your trip to the city this month. I don’t know when I can catch a glimpse of the action, find a celebrity’s action, or see the camera roll.

Here are 14 movies and TV shows that shot in Vancouver in August.

Madeline – Season 1

Go with the working title of MadelynThis Apple TV + Thriller series will be produced in Vancouver until November of the first season. This series follows the girl played by Gugu Mubasa Law. The young girl must learn to resume and rebuild her life after a forgotten suicide attempt. Produced by Reese Witherspoon, sam mirror Become a director. Production is expected to continue until October.


Allison Janney / Shutterstock

Netflix redhead It will be produced in the city until the end of August.Action thriller with Oscar winner Allison Janney stars in the story of a woman played by Johnny and a landlord who work together to find her kidnapped daughter. redhead Become a full cliffhanger and bring some serious stuff photograph Atmosphere with a feminine touch.

Resident Alien – Season 2

Alan Tudyk / Shutterstock

Another series shot in Vancouver this month Foreign resident.. Production of the second season continues through March 2022, with Alan Tudyk as an alien who has landed on Earth and inherited the identity of the Doctor.

Batwoman-Season 3

Taken in Vancouver

Batwoman / IMDb

Batwoman This month we’ll be back in town for the third season. The series is known to innovate and expand the world of DC Comics with Ruby Rose’s very first lesbian superhero. Rose previously starred in the series as Kate Kane. However, she left the series after the first season and Javicia Leslie took over the protagonist.

Breathing – Season 1

@ melissabarreram / Instagram

With Melissa Barrera, breath It will be filmed in the Vancouver area until September. The new Netflix series is about the survivors of a Barrera plane crash. Barrera must fight for his life and learn to survive in Canada’s wilderness.

Million Little Things – Season 4

Millions of Little Things / IMDb

A million little things Is filming the fourth season in Vancouver this month and production is expected to continue next year. Starring David Juntri, Romany Malco and Allison Miller, this series follows a group of close friends who come to understand what is really important in life after the sudden death of one of them. ..

The Good Doctor – Season 5

Good Doctor Freddie Highmore (SONY / ABC)

Good Doctor (SONY / ABC)

Good doctor I returned to Vancouver there in August of this year for another season of the hit series. Starring Freddie Highmore as the lead role, Sean Murphy, the series revolves around autistic surgeons. Surgeons are hired to think outside the box and work in prestigious hospitals.

Nancy Drew – Season 3

Nancy Drew / IMDb

Nancy drew Is filming the third season of the CW show in Vancouver this month.Based on the original Nancy drew The book, the series, is based on 18-year-old Nancy Drew, who finds herself caught in a mystery when she and a group of her friends witness a murder.

Legends of Tomorrow – Season 7

Taken in Vancouver

Legends of Tomorrow / IMDb

Legend of tomorrow Is filming for the seventh season in Vancouver, and production in Vancouver will continue until next year. The DC Comics series centers on a group of heroes and villains from the DC Universe working together to stop the Apocalypse from destroying Earth.

Yellow jacket-Season 1

Christina Ricci / Shutterstock

Show time Yellow jacket Shoots the first season in Vancouver and production is expected to continue through September. The new series will feature longtime popular actress Christina Ricci, among others, alongside Juliette Lewis, Melanie Lynskey and Tawny Cypress. brings serious things. King of 蠅 atmosphere.

Family Law – Season 2

Victor Garber / Shutterstock

Family law It will be filmed in Vancouver until September as the second season of the Global Original Series. Set in downtown Vancouver, this drama series follows a mildly dysfunctional family working together in their father’s law firm. Victor GalveNOT., Genel williams, With Zack Smadou Bijou Staite.

When the Heart Calls – Season 9

When Calls the Heart / Facebook

Hall mark Calling the heart The ninth season until the end of November is in Vancouver. The series follows teacher Elizabeth Thatcher, who must move to a small mining town and learn to adjust to a completely different lifestyle.

Supergirl – Season 6

Supergirl / IMDb

Back in another season, Super girl This month wraps up production of the sixth season. Melissa Benoist will star in this series as Kara, well known as Supergirl, and has to balance being a journalist with fighting crime.

Midnight Club – Season 1

Nightclub Is a new Netflix series filming in town through September. The 10-episode series is adapted from the novel of the same name by Christopher Pike and concerns a group of terminally ill children living in a hospice. The group forms an unlikely bond and begins to gather together in the middle of the night to share the eerie story together.

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