A ranking of the “smartest cities in the world” places Montreal in 17th place but Toronto is 12th


According to a new study published by the EasyPark group, Montreal is one of the 20 smartest cities in the world, ranking 17th among cities with a metropolitan population of over 3 million.

EasyPark’s Smart Sustainable Cities Index ranks cities around the world based on data that takes into account “digital life, mobility innovation, business technology infrastructure and sustainability”.

With an overall ranking of 82.24 out of 100, Montreal ranked just below cities like Chicago, Tokyo, Paris and our mortal enemies, Toronto, which came in 12th place.

First, in the “digital life” category, Montreal obtained scores over 80 for “citizen adoption” and “healthcare innovation”. Where we fell behind was in the “government adoption” and “technology education” subcategories.

Then, in “mobility innovation”, our city obtained very good scores for “traffic management” and for our “clean transport” infrastructure. Meanwhile, “parking innovation” scored a relatively low score of 73.41 out of 100.

For “business technological infrastructures”, Montreal lost a lot of points in the “business innovation” sub-category, claiming only 57.92 points. It was also held back by its “Internet connectivity” score but gained ground with a nice 86.08 out of 100 in the “e-payments” sub-category.

Finally, Montreal was also unfortunately held back by its low scores in the 1970s for its “climate response”, its “waste management” and its “green buildings”. Our city compensated for these poor marks by its performance in the “green energy” sub-category, with a score of 85.62 out of 100.

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