Canada can’t escape China, so here’s how it can build a bridge to ease trade tensions


Down to Business Podcast Episode 109

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In June, Canada formally requested the Dispute Settlement Body of the World Trade Organization to form a panel to review China’s decision in 2019 to suspend imports of canola seeds from two major Canadian producers.

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This is a new phase in a long-simmering conflict and it shows just how controversial Canada’s trade with China is.

This week on Down to Business, Sharon Zhengyang Sun, Trade Policy Economist for the Canada West Foundation and Distinguished Fellow of the Asia-Pacific Foundation of Canada, spoke about the implications of the trade tensions between Canada and China.

Sun, who is based in Calgary, believes China’s growing economic weight means Canada cannot back down. Instead, she believes our agricultural sector, with crops like canola, could provide a way to engage with China. As always, the interview is edited for clarity and brevity.

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