Cat trio clash with Vancouver owners over blender box

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Here kitty, kitty (kitty.)

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Three cats are at an impasse with their human owners on Vancouver Island.

And it’s everywhere in a mixer box that the feline trio has now taken up residence.

Jessica and Nikii Gerson-Neeves bought the Vitamix blender online and the box containing it arrived before Christmas, when the trouble started.

And since then, they document in a very ironic way on a Facebook page which now has 25,000 followers (

Their cat Max, also known as the “sentient soccer ball”, jumped on the box and sat on it.

The next day, Max was joined by George, also known as the “Destroyer of Worlds”, and Lando Calrissian, also known as the “Dust Bunny”.

Now the three cats take turns sitting on top of the box so their owners can’t access the Vitamix blender.

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On January 2, more than two and a half weeks after the confrontation began, the desperate couple asked Vitamix Canada for help in providing three empty boxes.

“We are writing to you because it has become clear at this point that without Herculean intervention, we are never going to be able to use the new blender that we have dreamed of for years,” Jessica wrote.

We apologize, but this video failed to load.

“Despite what many people have suggested, we’re not writing to ask for extra Vitamixes – that would be ridiculous, and while we’re definitely ridiculous, we’re not that ridiculous.”

Jessica added, “Cardboard boxes seem to lack the appeal of the Vitamix box. I dread and eagerly await your response, and encourage you (because I’m sure you feel the urge) to distribute it to your colleagues as widely as you wish in order to laugh at the absolute lesbian d middle-aged who lose a confrontation with their cats.

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