Convoy of anti-warrant truckers heading for Ottawa stops in PA

He explained that there is an additional convoy from Calgary heading to Regina. The convoy that stopped in Prince Albert stopped in Saskatoon and will meet the second group in Regina. He is expecting hundreds of thousands of people in Ottawa.

“It’s probably going to be the biggest movement Canada has seen in my lifetime and it’s about bringing Canadians together and that’s what it ever does,” he said.

He added that it doesn’t matter if you’re vaccinated or not, it’s about ending warrants.

“Let’s go. This thing is here to stay, the rest of the world is doing it… Canada is waking up and this will be the thing that does,” he said.

Sproul has worked in the trucking industry for 47 years and retired because a mining project he was delivering to required him to be vaccinated.

He added that the mandates were wrong from day one, even calling it segregation.

CTA against convoy

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CCA), which includes the Saskatchewan Trucking Association, said in a statement this weekend they do not support and strongly disagree with protests on the roads and highways. They added that such protests, especially those that interfere with public safety, are not the way disagreements with government mandates should be handled. Those who want to protest must do so by organizing a legal event or speaking with their local MP.

“The governments of Canada and the United States have now made vaccination a requirement to cross the border. This regulation is not changing, so as an industry we must adapt and comply with this mandate,” CTA President Stephen Laskowski said in the statement. “The only way to cross the border, in a commercial truck or any other vehicle, is to get vaccinated.”

Sproull said in reaction to the statement, the CTA does not understand the magnitude of the move and once they do, they will back down.

“There are our bureaucrats for us, aren’t there? They are all bought and paid for, just like CBC news,” Sproul said.

Another member of the convoy, Cody Kuntz, said with everyone involved that the convoy is over 70 kilometers long and hopes to have at least 100,000 people in Ottawa when it arrives.

“Truckers are tired of the mandates entrusted to them. This is their way of going to Ottawa to talk to the government to hopefully show that the truckers have had enough and are not going to accept these illegal warrants,” Kuntz said.

He explained that their goal once they arrive is to speak to government officials in power, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to reach a resolution.

“They just want their livelihoods back, they want their jobs back, they want their lives back and they just hope that when you have a large number of supporters and a large group of people who will hopefully end the terms for those truckers and hopefully for all Canadians,” he added.

(Ian Gustafson/paNOW staff)

A GoFundMe launched for the Convoy created on Jan. 14 now stands at more than $3.4 million, however, Kuntz said the company has put the money on hold and is working on a resolution.

Prime Minister’s Comments

Premier Scott Moe told a press conference Monday that the Saskatchewan government sees this as an unnecessary mandate for the trucking industry.

“One, the vast majority of our truckers, our transportation guys, are vaccinated like the vast majority of the general population,” Moe said.

“We have tools available today in the form of rapid tests that our truckers can use. They also didn’t have these tools available to them a year ago. Third, as important as all the other topics, this is an essential service. These people deliver our food in many cases, to our communities in Saskatchewan and across Canada and they have operated safely through this pandemic, long before we had access to vaccines, long before we had many of the tools that proved useful and effective in our battle against Omicron today.

When asked if the convoy was an appropriate means of protest, given that many Canadians were struggling with supply chain issues, Moe responded by saying it was a great question for the Prime Minister. Trudeau.

“We are reacting to their politics. I encourage everyone, no matter which method they choose, to make sure they follow all applicable laws and regulations, and I’m sure transport drivers are familiar with them,” Moe said. .

“Is this policy really going to produce tangible results or is it just going to have a negative result by preventing us from accessing the goods and services that truckers bring to our communities every day, understanding that these people are already vaccinated and understand that they have operated throughout this pandemic, even in the most difficult times.

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