Crown drops bribery charge against Ottawa police officer


The Crown withdrew a bribery-related criminal charge against an Ottawa police officer.

Const. Mohamed Mohamed was charged with obstructing justice in June after an RCMP anti-corruption investigation, when the RCMP alleged he shared evidence with a witness in a criminal investigation.

A prosecutor cited the charge as having “no reasonable prospect of conviction.” It was withdrawn Wednesday morning.

Mohamed was charged alongside the const. Haidar El Badry, who continues to be accused of breach of trust, obstructing justice and causing someone to deal with a false document.

The criminal charges against the two police officers came after a months-long anti-corruption investigation that began when Ottawa Police asked Mounted Police to investigate a possible allegation of breach of trust related to what was an ongoing drug investigation in the city.

Both were immediately suspended with pay at the time of the charges.

Charges related to a large fentanyl seizure

Ottawa police eventually arrested and charged El Badry’s brother, Ameer El Badry, 23, after a raid on Holmwood Avenue in June. Police said they seized 1.4 kilograms of fentanyl.

Ameer El Badry, 23, has been charged with Possession of Fentanyl for the Purpose of Trafficking and Possessing the Proceeds of Crime.

The RCMP investigation also resulted in charges against two civilians: Ashley El Badry, 29, who is the wife of Haidar El Badry and is accused of forgery and causing someone to process a forged document, and Mohamed Salameh, 29, who is accused of dealing with a false document.

The two agents hired in 2018

Haidar El Badry was a former correctional officer and a graduate of the Algonquin College Police Training Program. He is currently an Ottawa Police Patrol Officer.

Const. Haidar El Badry (center) has been charged with corruption-related offenses by the RCMP. He was hired in December 2018. (Facebook)

According to police commission documents, El Badry and Mohamed have only been employed by the service for three years.

Mohamed was hired by the local force in June 2018 as an “experienced officer” or “direct entry”, meaning he previously worked in another police department. Prior to his arrest, he was an officer with the Neighborhood Resource Team in the East Division.

El Badry was officially hired by the Ottawa Police Service in December 2018.

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