FIRST READING: New Montreal Gang ‘Trend’ Is to Kill Strangers at Random

Environment Minister accused of using virtual parliament to show off his bike

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16-year-old boy shot dead in Montreal earlier this month appears to have been randomly targeted in a trend known as “tagging” according to the Montreal police. In a crime that shocked Quebec and inspired a new push for greater gun control, Thomas Trudel was shot dead in the street not far from his home on November 14. “I do not recognize Montreal,” reacted the Premier of Quebec. François Legault, while the director of Trudel high school urged neighborhood teenagers to avoid walking alone at night. In statements to the press this week, Montreal Police Deputy Director Vincent Richert said Trudel’s death could be entirely due to a gang ritual aimed at targeting an innocent victim based on his school or location. his neighborhood.

Thomas Trudel.
Thomas Trudel. Photo by Instagram

Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault has been accused of exploiting Canada’s hybrid parliament to show off his $ 3,000 bike. During question period on Monday, Guilbeault teleconferenced in the House of Commons from his Montreal home and just positioned his web camera in front of his Marinoni fixed-gear bike, a brand made in Montreal that typically sells for between $ 2,000. and $ 3,000. . This angered Conservative MP Ed Fast, who argued Guilbeault wouldn’t be able to show off his purple bike if he showed up for work in person like everyone else. What the minister has done is openly use a prop because he is now doing it from the security of another office, ”he said.

“I own a bicycle.
“I own a bicycle. “ Photo by CPAC

This week, the Liberals brought in new pressure to ban “conversion therapy”. The term loosely refers to any attempt to reverse a person’s homosexuality or their identification with a gender other than their biological sex. While the term is most often associated with harsh “pray for homosexuals” measures that treat homosexuality as a mental illness, similar bans have been criticized for being too broad that they criminalize the mere act of questioning a patient’s gender dysphoria. Introducing the bill – which should be easily passed with the support of the Bloc, Liberals, NDP, Greens and Partial Tories – Justice Minister David Lametti said he would not ban “conversations. On gender identity.

A Quebecer described as racist by Justin Trudeau has lost her defamation case against the Prime Minister. At a 2018 Liberal Party rally in Quebec, Diane Blain heckled the Prime Minister for overseeing an influx of illegal border workers into Roxham Road. “This intolerance of diversity, you don’t belong here,” Trudeau told him. He then added that “your racism has no place here” after Blain asked whether Trudeau’s tolerance extended to “native Quebec,” a Quebec term roughly equivalent to the phrase “Old Stock.” Canadians ”. After claiming $ 90,000 in damages against Trudeau, the Blain case was dismissed by Superior Court on Monday with a judge calling the whole case “ill-founded”.


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Over 3,000 holiday wreaths for Canadians National Military Cemetery was robbed from an Ottawa home over the weekend . “Who takes 3000 crowns?” Cyndi Mills, editor-in-chief of Canadian Military Family Magazine, told the Ottawa Citizen. The handmade vine wreaths, which may have already entered the black market for Christmas wreaths, were part of a plan to adorn more than 6,000 graves in the cemetery.


The word “brainstorming” is now offensive , according to a fun new guide to the bad words released by the CBC. “The use of the term brainstorm could also be unresponsive to those with brain damage or who are neurodiverse,” one reads. The public broadcaster also said a kibosh on the words “idiot”, “grandfather”, “scary”, “tribe” and “blackmail”. Jesse Kline has a more in-depth analysis here.

Rex Murphy reflects on the Toronto District School Board book events canceled with defense lawyer Marie Henein and former ISIS captive Nadia Murad . “They are indicative of a kind of madness, a symptom of ideas so far removed from the bundle of truth and reality, of attitudes both corrupt and superficial, which permeate some of the most crucial structures of our society. company, ”he wrote.

Catherine O'Hara and Ryan Reynolds are big Hollywood celebrities with cupboards full of awards, but both were still in tears when they were celebrated with bespoke musical tributes at the recent Governor General's Performing Arts Awards. .
Catherine O’Hara and Ryan Reynolds are big Hollywood celebrities with cupboards full of awards, but both were still in tears when they were celebrated with bespoke musical tributes at the recent Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards. . Photo for Rideau Hall


The good news is that the first cases of the Omicron variant all seem quite mild. . Angelique Coetzee, president of the South African Medical Association, was the first to notice that patients with COVID-19 differ from the usual Delta variant. In an interview with Reuters, Coetzee described Omicron’s symptoms as “very, very mild,” and said all of his patients could be treated at home. “The most predominant clinical complaint is severe fatigue for one or two days,” she said.


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Today it’s the first official day that Canadians will be banned from trains or planes if they cannot show a vaccination card . Until now, unvaccinated travelers could still board federally regulated transportation if they tested negative for COVID-19, but that exception ended at midnight.

In an evolution that no one could have foreseen, Canada’s insistence on requiring negative COVID-19 tests at its border has sparked a vibrant black market in fake test results . As of October 31, up to 374 people have entered Canada using falsified COVID-19 test results, according to the Canada Border Services Agency. Notably, if you are a citizen, the CBSA will not prevent you from entering Canada even if it knows you are giving it false test documents, but you could end up getting a ticket from the Health Agency. public of Canada.


If you’ve noticed that Beijing is more belligerent than usual on the Taiwan issue, Chinese Ambassador to Canada Cong Peiwu is here to tell you that you are absolutely right . “There is no room for us to compromise,” Peiwu said in an interview with the National Post. Taiwan and the People’s Republic of China both claim to be China’s sole official representative, although Beijing is much more aggressive when it comes to threatening anyone who even hints at recognizing Taiwan as a sovereign state. After Lithuania opened a trade office in Taiwan last week, for example, Chinese state media spent a day on the ground pillory the small European nation as a “reckless” rogue state beset by human rights abuses. .


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It is no secret that Canada has a penchant for total relaxation when it comes to international military engagements. Among NATO countries, for example, we are consistently at the back of the pack in terms of relative spending. So it is perhaps not surprising that four years after Canada pledged a meager force of 200 UN peacekeepers, Ottawa has still not reacted . The United States politely reminded Canada this week to step up the pace, writing in a diplomatic note: “We call on Canada to commit to providing medical units and unmanned aerial systems (UAS) to maintenance missions. of the peace of the United Nations.

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