Heat players praise former raptor Kyle Lowry


It didn’t take long for the Miami Heat to figure out exactly what makes Kyle Lowry so special.

Even on a sluggish night for the former Greater Toronto Raptors, Lowry still did all the little things, of course, to elevate the Heat to a resounding victory over the Milwaukee Bucks. He had six assists, one steal and one block to go with his +22 point differential in just 24 minutes.

“He’s my guy,” said Jimmy Butler, one of Lowry’s closest friends in the NBA. “It’s definitely a blessing to share the word with him. Everyone knows how much I love him.”

Thursday night’s Heat win star Tyler Herro, who came off the bench to score 27 points on a 10-on-18 shot, praised Lowry after the game.

“I love playing with Kyle,” Herro said. “My first two years in the league, I didn’t really have a point guard who could organize everyone for them. It’s not a blow to my old teammates. It’s just the way Kyle brings everyone in. world in his place, how he is a leader He just understands the game in a way that few people understand.

“Just being next to him is obviously amazing to me.”

This is what is going to be so lacking in Toronto at Lowry. It wasn’t his score that made him special in the league. Rather, it was how he helped everyone on the pitch by making it easier inside the Raptors greats with perfectly timed passes and lightening the ball handling tasks for other guards like Fred VanVleet.

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