‘I’m back’: Arnold Schwarzenegger spotted in Toronto, compliments fan

We may as well make the “North Hollywood” moniker official.

It was the summer of celebrities in Toronto, some of whom can’t seem to get enough of the city. Arnold Schwarzenegger was just spotted riding his bike around downtown again, and this time he had another Arnold with him.

We could call them Arnold squared.

Comedian actor Tom Arnold accompanied the ride, bringing together two old friends who joined forces in 1994 for James Cameron’s ‘True Lies’.

“Following this guy is not easy,” Tom Arnold said in a repost of the same photo on Twitter.

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The two were captured riding bikes with a Toronto streetcar in the background, enjoying a good old fashioned stogie. One fan even called Tom Arnold to find out where his own cigar was, prompting the actor to poke fun at the cleanliness of the town.

The terminator The franchise legend is no stranger to the streets of Toronto, however. In May, he was seen taking a bike ride on Queen and University while working in town on a new Netflix series.

@preezilla Guess who we saw biking on University Ave🕵🏽👀? I try to be loose like you boy 😳 #toronto #arnie ♬ Pink Panther Intro – Henry Mancini

During the most recent sighting, Schwarzenegger even stopped to speak with a local fan. Toronto resident Saverio attempted to take a photo with the megastar, but was first turned into town by his security team.

Schwarzenegger then stepped in and, to the surprise of the fan, took a photo with him and said it was because of his nice biceps. That’s high praise from the international fitness superstar.

As a regular on downtown bike rides, I might try my own luck on another Arnold sighting.

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