‘Kiefermania’ Takes Over Toronto As New Rabbit Hole Series Shoot

Paramount+ Series rabbit hole was spotted in Toronto recently filming its first season. The new spy series will feature none other than 24by Kiefer Sutherland, who also serves as an executive producer, and locals are literally seeing it pop up all over town.

Dubbed “Kiefermania” or “Kiefer Madness” on Twitter, many have been spotting Sutherland in action on the streets of downtown Toronto lately and loving it!

Filming for the series has been underway since May and production is expected to continue until September. The plot for rabbit hole will be about a man named John Weir, played by Sutherland, who is a private spy operator who ends up framed for murder by powerful forces, and obviously upsets everyone in his world.

The full cast was recently announced and the series will also feature Charles Dance, Meta Golding, Jason Butler Harner, and Rob Yang, among others.

Several locations around the city were used for filming, including Dundas Square, the Financial District, Shangri-La Toronto and more. film for rabbit hole literally transformed the streets of Toronto into New York and gives all those Big Apple vibes.

Another filming location used a few weeks ago was in Adelaide and Spadina. The series was seen filming a 911 fire scene, and many got a glimpse of all the action – police cars, fire truck, sirens and all!

Back in May, rabbit hole was filming at Dundas and Victoria Street, where the Met in Toronto has been turned into a New York police station. In the front, a shawarma stand has been photographed, showing the great detail involved with rabbit hole’s set up and making it feel even more authentic to New York.

Sutherland was spotted in action in Adelaide and York Street, where Toronto Filming managed to capture quick video of him pretending to enter a fake tube station.

Filming took place in May outside the Fairmont Royal York Hotel and Sutherland can be seen driving one particular scene. It appears actor Rob Yang also joined him on set that day.

Although an official release date has yet to be announced, it is expected that rabbit hole will be available to stream on Parmount+ later this year. In the meantime, be on the lookout downtown – you never know when you might see Sutherland in action again!

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