LETTER: The island’s rail line only requires imagination

LETTER: The island’s rail line only requires imagination

Contrary to Premier John Horgan’s whining, there is nothing “deep” about the cost of repairing the Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railroad. No, the real money pits in transportation are the George Massey tunnel replacement ($4 billion), the Broadway subway ($2.83 billion) and the possible Langley Skytrain line (which could cost up to $4.5 billions of dollars).

In fairness to Horgan, Liberal Leader Kevin Falcon seems locked into the same T-Rex mindset represented by the deeply odd name under which Illinois transportation planners worked in the 1940s and 1950s: Department of Subways. and Superhighways. Falcon had the world’s widest highway bridge built above the Massey Tunnel, the biggest part of the $3 billion Gateway project.

On the Continent, the only politician who seemed to see the economy and efficiency of surface rail transport was the former Mayor of Surrey, Dianne Watts. The Liberals, who knows why, rejected her for Andrew Wilkinson’s lack of charisma.

We can only hope that Horgan’s replacement will show more imagination and respect for his constituents and the politicians of Vancouver Island than he does.

Louis Guilbault


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