Michael Bublé loves to visit these places in Vancouver and has shouted them all out

Famous Michael Bublé likes to visit local places in Vancouver and is quick to share which ones.

The talented singer grew up in the Vancouver area, so it’s no surprise he has a few hometown favorites to share with the world.

If you’re a Bublé fan, you can probably catch him at one of these places around town, when he’s in town.

Vancouver is a celebrity hotspot, apparently because Ryan Reynolds, Seth Rogen and other celebrities call the west coast city home as well.

While there are plenty of celebrity favorites in town, here are a few that Bublé shouted out.

Whitespot Restaurants

Address: 2518 W Broadway., Vancouver, BC

The iconic British Columbia restaurant, known to locals for its delicious burgers, is also a favorite in Bublé.

“When we’re through Covid and it’s safe to travel, bring your beautiful family to BC, Canada. Don’t miss @whitespot_restaurants, a legendary place to have a burger and a Caesar,” Bublé said in his Instagram post.


The Langley Events Center

Address: 7888 200 St., Langley, BC

In the star’s December Instagram post, Bublé was seen supporting the Giants hockey team at their annual Teddy Bear Toss charity event for the CKNW Orphans’ Fund and the Province Empty Stocking Fund.


Nat Bailey Stadium

Address: 4601 Ontario Street, Vancouver, British Columbia

Recently, Bublé was seen at a home ball game for the Vancouver Canadians at Nat Baily Stadium. Bublé and his wife gulped down a giant hot dog and had their “lady and tramp moment,” he said in the post.


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