Montreal clubs plan to demonstrate to lift ban on dancing


A group of Montreal nightclubs have joined forces to protest against the current ban on dancing in Quebec theaters. Popular nightlife venues affected by the regulations, like Stereo, Le Salon Daomé, Flyjin and Le Belmont, among others, created a Facebook event for a parade of floats, artists, “really loud” music and lights. , which is due to take place on October 23, from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. from avenue du Parc and Duluth. On Tuesday morning, 1,700 people responded that they would be present.

Announcing the parade-demonstration on Facebook, Stereo explained, “We thought the freedom to assemble and dance would come after a full vaccination. That all or most of the restrictions would be removed with the implementation of the vaccination passport. Nothing happened. ”The sentiment is shared by more than 5,000 other people who have signed a petition also calling for the ban on dancing to be lifted, reports Cult MTL.

Dance clubs aren’t the only ones challenging what they see as blatant dissonance in the government’s awarding of restrictions on coronaviruses. As of October 8, international superstars like Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin can now perform to a crowd of 14,885 at the Montreal Bell Center, but smaller venues across the province remain at half capacity. As reported last week, the NABQ Bar Association is among those calling on Quebec to allow restaurants and bars to open until 3 a.m. and operate at full capacity, given the recent easing of regulations. measures in other industry sectors.

Les Filles Fattoush, now also a cookbook

The catering company run by Syrian refugees (and the food stall at the Jean Talon market) Les Filles Fattoush has just published a cookbook in French with 80 recipes for everything from kibbeh to their namesake fattoush, as well as portraits of the women behind the company. The The Fattoush Girls Recipe book is now available in bookstores and online, via their website, for $ 29.95.

Winner of Little Italy restaurant run by MasterChef ends

Eleven-month-old Southern California restaurant The Mariachi held its final service this weekend. The restaurant, owned by MasterChef Season 8 winner Dino Angelo Luciano and Sarah Tee (formerly Bowhead, Umami Ramen) and located on Belanger Street, broke the news last week on Instagram, explaining, “It’s been a eventful year, filled with joy and love. , but we have to be realistic and accept that all of our work and effort will not be enough to keep our small family restaurant afloat with the restrictions that have been placed on us.

by netflix Squid game Gives Saint-Henri Dépanneur a sweet new idea

The Claude & Claudette convenience store in Saint-Henri has had some success with its latest food offer: dalgona, Korean candy sugar featured in episode 3 of Netflix’s great success Squid game, or the characters are instructed to carefully cut out a shape from the crispy candy using a sewing needle – or die. After watching the dystopian series frantically, owner Robert Kim and his wife announced on social media that they would be offering the sugary snack in their store – within an hour they were nearly sold out, Global News reports.

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