Montreal high school evacuated after ‘bomb threat’

A school in Verdun was evacuated on Tuesday morning after Montreal police were notified of a false bomb threat around 8:45 a.m. Students at Monseigneur-Richard High School were sent home after the start of the course, as a precaution.

“We received a 911 call indicating that a young person had texted another at school, making a bad joke. He wrote: ‘Do not come to school because there is going to be an explosive device .’ The recipient was scared and management was notified. It was taken very seriously, so they called 911,” said Montreal police spokeswoman Véronique Comtois.

“When the suspect, who is a minor, saw there was a response from the police, he went to the school staff to admit it was just a joke.”

The suspect was arrested and taken to the investigation center to meet with investigators. The Montreal police still imposed the evacuation as a preventive measure.

“We waited an hour outside before sending everyone home,” a teacher told Narcity Quebec.

Police conducted a search of the premises, both inside and out, to confirm that the threat was a hoax.

“They didn’t find anything. Everything was fine, but they still decided to keep the school closed considering the 911 call and the fact that people had already been evacuated,” Comtois said.

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