Montreal municipal tax payment deadlines return to pre-pandemic schedules

Elsewhere in Quebec, some municipalities continue to allow owners to make payments later or in installments.

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The deadlines for payment of property taxes will vary from one Quebec municipality to another this year.

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In 2021, when the financial effects of the COVID-19 pandemic were being felt on families across the province, many cities and towns across the province changed their payment schedules to allow home and business owners to better plan their budget.

The city of Montreal announced in 2021 that property owners could make their first tax payment on June 1 rather than March 1 and the second payment on September 1 rather than June 1.

This week, the city announced that the March 1 and June 1 tax payment deadlines were back.

In Quebec, the deadlines for payment of property taxes will be divided into four installments: March 3, May 3, July 4 and September 6. Longueuil has adopted the same approach by establishing the deadlines of February 23, April 25, June 23 and August 22. Sherbrooke calls payments on March 2, May 2, July 4 and September 2.

Laval will require payment in two installments, but has postponed those payments until June 15 and September 13.

Two payment schedules are in effect in Trois-Rivières (Feb. 4, July 4) and Saguenay (Feb. 17, June 15). In Gatineau, the first installment must be paid before March 23, but the date for the second installment has not yet been decided.

Most cities and towns across the province require tax bills of $300 or less to be settled in one payment.

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