Motoretta: opening of a new gelateria in the summer of 2022 in Vancouver

We learn a little more about Motoretta, the new Italian gelateria that will open in Coal Harbor this summer.

First, the name change: Motoretta was first advertised as Motorino, but they’ve had to change lanes, but they’re still very much into paying homage to the “free fun” of Italian scooters – and , of course, the fun that is, enjoying ice cream and other cool treats.

And of course there’s the timeline, what was there, who’s the ice cream making talent, and what’s on the menu.

Scheduled to debut in early summer in the space at 1001 West Cordova St. at the foot of the Fairmont Pacific Rim, Motoretta has crept into where Vancouver‘s longtime popular gelateria, Bella, once stood.

Speaking of Bella, Motoretta nabbed one of its old pros – ice cream maker Salvatore Boccarossa, who was most recently at Passione Gelato.

“Born in Naples, Boccarossa grew up in a warm Italian family learning the lessons of quality, freshness and staying true to the seasons. A graduate of Carpigiani Gelato University and co-winner of the North American Champions Grand Title , Boccarossa uses its expertise and passion to bring artisanal ice cream to life,” a press release describes.

At Motoretta, you can expect all kinds of amazing ice cream, as well as a regional Italian specialty, granita, which originated in Sicily.

Granita is the evolution of an ancient treat made by adding lemon juice or fruit syrup to fresh winter snow, now made as a sweet and creamy semi-frozen dessert eaten with brioche , a rich buttery bread.

“To fully enjoy the Sicilian granita […] we suggest that you set aside at least 30 minutes for complete relaxation and to sit comfortably in an open-air bar, while admiring the architectural beauties, reading a newspaper or simply chatting with friends,” recommends the official Visit website. Sicily. this treat without flying to Sicily can be easily achieved – with all the other relaxing activities suggested – at Vancouver’s Motoretta.

“Motoretta will feature a few year-round favorites, plus a rotation of flavors using local and seasonal ingredients, all served in a suitably stylish space,” adds Motoretta.

The Candy Shop is another venture of Kitchen Table Group, the Vancouver restaurant that also runs Giovane Bacaro and Giovane Caffe at the Pacific Rim (and a second in downtown Vancouver), as well as popular local eateries like Ask For Luigi and Pourhouse.

For the latest scoop on Motoretta, you can follow the next ice cream shop on Instagram: @motorettagelato.

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