Mowing the lawn can be a hare-raising event

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Cut the grass? First check for baby bunnies.

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The Toronto Wildlife Center (TWC) said via social media that his hotline gets a lot of phone calls about rabbit and lawnmower accidents.

If you have a large lawn to mow with areas that might invite rabbits, check first before running this mower.

A mother rabbit will indeed make her nest in an ordinary lawn because predators really don’t like to venture into open spaces like that.

Toronto is full of rabbits. You can’t always see them, but they are everywhere.

The distinctive ravines that crisscross the city are welcoming to wildlife, and eastern rabbits abound. Rabbits breed from spring to September, and females may have three or four litters per year, with four to five babies each time.

If you’d rather rabbits not nest on your property, you can do simple things to keep them away, like planting a few bright, colorful pinwheels in the ground.

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To avoid any nasty rabbit-lawnmower confrontation, keep in mind that there are plenty of other things you could grow besides a purely decorative, water-consuming lawn.

For example, using flowers and plants that attract bees and butterflies is always a good idea, according to environmentalists. Pollinator-friendly gardens in big cities are becoming more common.

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