NEVER IN DOUBT: Toronto tutor makes six Jeopardy! won

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Another night, another victory.

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Toronto tutor Mattea Roach looked comfortable from start to finish en route to winning her sixth Peril! Victory Tuesday night.

The 23-year-old finished with a runaway of $30,800 for a spectacular six-show total of $148,000 in earnings.

Roach, who hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia, will attempt to reach for seventh heaven when the popular game show airs Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. on YES-TV.

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Roach had already earned a spot in the Tournament of Champions, which features top competitors from the popular game show.

At the start of Tuesday’s show, co-host Ken Jennings said many of the show’s contestants who had won four times finally retired in game #5. The co-host said he was beginning to wonder if there was a ‘four-game curse’, but ‘hopefully any fears about it were dispelled (Monday)’.

  1. UNSTOPPABLE! : Toronto Tutor Scores Fifth Jeopardy! to win

  2. Host Mayim Bialik and Toronto tutor Mattea Roach, who won on Jeopardy!  Tuesday night.

    Toronto tutor wins on Jeopardy!

  3. Host Mayim Bialik and Toronto tutor Mattea Roach, who will be participating in Jeopardy!  in a show aired Tuesday night.

    Toronto tutor competing on Jeopardy!

Roach recently spoke about his Canadian pride.

“To be a Canadian in danger!” is always very special. Alex Trebek’s legacy is such a big part of the show,” she told “So yeah, I’m just happy to put on a good show for all the northerners.”

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