New brewery is about to open in Toronto


Beer lovers, unite! A new brewery is slated to open this month in Toronto. While we’ve seen some of our favorite restaurants and cafes sadly close due to the pandemic, when a new place opens up it looks like something to celebrate. Obviously, we are not the only ones to be optimistic because, after a year of countless bottlenecks and unpredictability, Charcoal Group has just announced the opening of its first location in Beertown.

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“Summer looks like a renaissance for Toronto and the restaurants that have struggled throughout the pandemic,” said Jody Palubiski, CEO and Partner of Charcoal Group. “The city really feels alive again – we couldn’t think of a better time to open our doors.”

While customers have struggled to discover new restaurants and dine on real plates instead of takeout containers, restaurants are still in the grip of a severe labor shortage. Hiring and training staff is extremely difficult. However, Palubiski believes that while these shortages are undeniable, the worth, enthusiasm and leadership of these hardworking hospitality workers often goes unnoticed.

“Of all the amazing things that have caused many people to flock to our industry in the past, including flexibility, teamwork, creativity, rewarding compensation and benefits, these are the ones that will bring people back from quality; it will just take a little while, ”says Palubiski.

To meet the connection demand, Charcoal Group is opening the Beertown Public House in downtown Toronto at 125 Wellington Street West. The restaurant will open on August 12 and offer a variety of menu options made from local beer, plant-based and gluten-free, and most importantly, a place where people can safely reconnect.

This is the restaurant’s 8th location and to say that the restaurant group is excited to open in Toronto would be an understatement. Opening a store in Toronto feels like coming home, ”says Palubiski.

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