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In partnership with CBRE Ltée, The Old Port of Montreal (OPMC), a major tourist site in Canadais holding negotiated tenders to redevelop or entirely redevelop its Hangar 16 site. Located on Clock Tower Pier, Hangar 16 is a 42,000 square foot waterfront parcel with a distinctly industrial character and endless renovation or redevelopment potential .

OPMC seeks to redevelop this plot to win over new audiences and further energize this very lively leisure area in all seasons.

A city and a site renowned for festivities

Montreal is recognized as an international city attracting tourists and delighting residents with world-class events and festivals. Each month features a new set of shows and events in tune with the seasons and the latest trends, and this year’s post-pandemic summer is no exception.

Montreal‘s festival culture is renowned for illuminating the city morning, noon and night and certain neighborhoods, such as the Old Port of Montreal, are tried and tested hotspots where tourists find explosions of culture and color again and again, season after season.

Montreal’s festival culture provides places like the Old Port of Montreal with a steady stream of visitors year after year, from around the world, the United States and across the country.

Many know the city for its major high-end events, such as the Cirque du Soleil, the Just for Laughs comedy festival, the Montreal International Jazz Festival, the Formula 1 Grand Prix or the international fireworks series. . Still others return for the hundreds of diverse indoor and outdoor festivals that enliven the city and its festival grounds.

The Old Port is one of the city’s best-known festival sites and this year’s summer program includes some of the city’s most colorful cultural events, such as the Holi Festival of Colours, the Orientalys Festival where East meets West through food, music, dance, art and culture, National Indigenous Peoples Day and the AfroMonde Festival celebrating the diversity of African cultures as they exist in the world .

This year, the site will also host gourmet events like the Montreal Street Food Festival, Grand PoutineFest (an ode to one of the province’s most famous and beloved dishes) and the 10th special edition of the Premiers Fridays bringing together more than 50 street trucks and renowned chefs, the largest gathering of its kind in Canada.

A famous hotspot welcoming millions of visitors

The Old Port offers many repeat visit activities that drive same-day, overnight, short-term, and permanent resident markets. Visitors are well served by a thriving ecosystem of accommodations, restaurants, shops and entertainment within walking distance along the river and easily accessible by underground and street-level public transit from the area directly connected to the Montreal-Trudeau International Airport.

port Old Port of Montreal

The site is also supported by a parking capacity of over 1,800 spaces, its own marina, the nearby international cruise terminal and the Yacht Club of Montreal, and is served by two major highways connecting the site to the famous Trans-Canada Highway. as well as its American neighbors less than an hour’s drive south.

Fun and spirited winter culture

Events change from year to year, so no two festival seasons are the same. Visitors can count on fresh new programming to celebrate each season.

Winter in Montreal sets the stage for many thrilling activities that excite local residents and arouse the curiosity of tourists. The Old Port Ice Rink hosts a host of activities featuring live local DJs, outdoor karaoke, skating shows, and speed dating on Valentine’s Day.

It also offers rink-goers the chance to curl up in comfortable outdoor lounging areas. The Old Port has hosted ice canoe competitions as well as family ice fishing directly on the St. Lawrence. Every winter brings new surprises!

Originally the site of the Montreal Winter Lights Festival (Montreal in light), the Old Port now hosts Igloofest, a world-renowned electronic music festival, including its popular snowsuit fashion contest. The site is also illuminated with a joyful, magical winter atmosphere during the Old Port New Year’s Eve Party.

Music, art, color, culture

Nothing beats the excitement of spring at the Old Port as the days lengthen and the sun comes out. This spring, the Old Port welcomed a field of tulips just in time for Mother’s Day. Other years featured events like the Port Symphonies with composers and songwriters blending local church steeples, ship horns and engine whistles into unique musical scores. Innovation is always in full bloom!

As the heat warms the city, the Old Port opens its quays to a diversity of international cultures, from the new world and beyond. Each year, the site welcomes prospective visitors to events like the Start-Up Festival and offers activities related to contemporary art biennials, public art installations by emerging artists, augmented reality tours, exhibitions of photos and photo contests.

This year, it hosted the activities of the 16th edition of the TransAmériques festival featuring contemporary dance performances and a theatrical reading on the urban beach of the Old Port.

Food and cheerfulness

Summer in the Old Port also offers delightful opportunities to explore and savor some of the latest in the world of gastronomy, in keeping with the city’s reputation as a world-class dining destination.

food market old port of montreal

Previous years have featured events like an Asian Night Market, A Taste of the Caribbean, the Montreal Rib Fest, and a World Beer Expo. This year will feature the Montreal Street Food Festival, Grand PoutineFest and the First Fridays food truck event.

These gourmet events will all take place directly on the event platform of the Old Port on the Quai de l’Horloge, a new event space designed according to universal accessibility standards to better welcome visitors. The Old Port Farmers’ Market also attracts visitors looking to explore locally grown produce and sample delicious food served by the river – a real favorite of the Airbnb crowd!

Fun and wonder

circus event old port of montreal

With Cirque du Soleil’s summer residence right next to the Montreal Science Centre, the Old Port site is also host to a number of exciting events in any given season. Street circus acts, a moon rock exhibit, the Copernicus satellite photo exhibit and even a Guinness World Records event!

The site is also known to host school groups and day camps who like to take advantage of the site’s youth and science-focused activities, including those related to the UN Women and Girls of Science events. And let’s not forget the annual Canada Day festivities! The Old Port is the official site of the City of Montreal’s Canada Day festivities where thousands of people gather for activities, military salutes, concerts and fireworks.

At the heart of the city’s festival circuit

Many of the city’s events and festivals make it a point to parade near the Old Port to enjoy its views and wide open spaces and to tap into the more than 6 million visitors it welcomes each year.

The site has seen things like the Lolë White Yoga Tour, a number of running and cycling races, including the city’s annual race. Island tour cycling tour, the annual Montreal Marathon run, and this year will feature events from the Triathlon World Championships series. In late summer, the Old Port often hosts the Montreal Afloat Boat Show which offers visitors and tourists the opportunity to board and explore all kinds of watercraft, from pleasure boats to yachts. luxury, directly in one of its pools.

Hangar 16 Old Port of Montreal

A veritable treasure trove of events and celebrations, every season is festival season at the Old Port, making it an ideal location for new attractions looking to make a name for themselves in a thriving and exciting tourist destination.

The OPMC is excited to explore proposals that promise to provide visitors with even more world-class, family-friendly experiences at this highly sought-after and popular venue. recreational site. For more information contact Rebecca Godfrey, CMC, MBA, Senior Director, CBRE Limited Tourism & Leisure Group (Valuation & Advisory Services) at [email protected].

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