Ontario Provincial Police launch investigation into officer who appeared to support Ottawa convoy protest via video

TORONTO – The Ontario Provincial Police have launched an internal investigation into an officer’s conduct after video taken during a traffic stop surfaced on social media where he appears to be expressing his support for the protest of the convoy underway in Ottawa.

In the video, which was uploaded to TikTok in a post that included the hashtag #freedomconvoy2022, an officer is seen talking to occupants of a vehicle he had stopped. At one point in the video, the officer is heard saying, “I get what you’re doing. I’m with you 100 percent.”

The video has been widely shared online and police have received backlash from those speaking out against the occupation in the nation’s capital, which entered its 17th day on Sunday with no sign of ending.

Police have come under fire for their handling of “Freedom Convoy” protesters demanding an end to all pandemic warrants and restrictions.

In a series of tweets posted to the OPP account on Sunday, police said they were aware of the video taken on Friday, which they said “raised concerns about professionalism and portrayed views that are not consistent to the values ​​of the OPP”.

The officer in the video has not been identified and the exact location of the traffic stop is not known.

The OPP Professional Standards Unit is currently investigating the matter.

In the tweet, the Ontario Provincial Police said they do not condone the “illegal activities” taking place in Ottawa.

“Under the state of emergency, those who defy the law will be held accountable. Our role is to ensure public safety and maintain the peace. Officers must maintain standards of conduct, integrity and ethics highest,” the tweet read.

Prime Minister Doug Ford declared a state of emergency on Friday in response to what he called a ‘siege’ in Ottawa and the convoy protest in Windsor that blocked one of America’s key border crossings. North.

Under emergency orders, protesters cannot block international border crossings, 400-series highways, airports, bridges, ports and railways in the province. Those who defy orders could be fined and imprisoned.

Windsor officials said on Sunday the week-long blockade near the Ambassador Bridge was over and the border crossing was being reopened.

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