Ottawa County MPs practice active shooting at Jenison Elementary School

TWP OF GEORGETOWN. — Sheriff’s deputies and firefighters held an active fire training session on Thursday, June 7 at a local elementary school.

Julie Roby, principal of Bauerwood Elementary, said on-site training is an important part of preparing for the unimaginable.

“Having an opportunity like this is essential for the safety of our children,” Roby said. “We work closely with our Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department and our Police Liaison Officers throughout the school year when we practice our drills and so we really see this as an opportunity to bring everyone together. world, the police and the fire brigade and to be able to practice in the building.”

The Georgetown Township Fire Department and Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office declined to speak on camera, but said the training night was just a small part of what they were doing to work with local districts on safety.

“We have our emergency operation plans, but the more we can get people in and get agencies on board so that we all communicate the same way, that’s why these evenings are so important, so that we’re all on the same (page),” Roby said.

The police response to the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas in May has departments under a microscope, but Ottawa County first responders said they were committed to staying up to date with the latest training for years.

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“In light of everything that’s been happening in the country, it’s continued our conversations and it’s boosted the conversations again,” Roby said. “You learn things from every situation, which is unfortunate, but we also have the opportunity to learn and so we are always in partnership to see what we can do better.”

The goal is to keep training current and prioritized for first responders.

“The more prepared we can be, the more proactive we can be,” Roby said. “The more comfortable we feel in an emergency situation.”

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