Phillip Danault on the verge of breaking his all-time goalscoring record

Hearing about Phillip Danault and former Montreal Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin in the same sentence makes one cringe. Something happened in the relationship between the two and it led Danault to get away from the cold weather of Montreal and towards the sunny beaches of La-La-Land in Los Angeles. The irony that Marc Bergevin would eventually join him in Los Angeles is mind-boggling.

Danault admitted he was looking for more offensive responsibilities and the Kings offered him a stellar 6-year, $33 million deal. Pretty rich for someone who’s never scored more than 13 NHL goals, but Danault has received a few nods in the Selke Trophy race over the past few seasons.

When the contract was signed, most pundits thought Danault was maybe for 1 or 2 seasons at most playing the best minutes and getting that extra attacking support. However, once prospects like Quinten Byfield and Adrian Kempe start to emerge in a bigger way, Danault will likely return to the same role he had with the Canadiens – a 3rd line center who can play on the 2nd line if needed with a defensive first. mission.

Anyway, the current deal is that Danault recently scored his 12th goal of the season in 45 games. Twice he scored 13 goals with the Canadiens and it was in 2016-17 his first full season in Montreal as well as in 2018-19 where he also scored the most points of his career with 53. He is currently about to reach 44 points.

Some would say players like Tomas Tatar and Brendan Gallagher played some of their best hockey alongside Danault. Some would go so far as to say letting him go was one of Bergevin’s biggest mistakes as general manager, especially since he completely mowed the Blackhawks when he received Danault and a 2nd-round pick. (Alexander Romanov) in return for Tomas Fleischmann and Dale Weise. in 2016.

Needless to say though, so far Danault is fitting in well with the Kings.

Some would dare to say Christian Dvorak is still an upgrade and time will be on his side. What do you think? Comments below!

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