Pierre Fitzgibbon back at Legault cabinet on Wednesday


After sitting as a private MP for two months, Fitzgibbon will resume his cabinet duties on Wednesday.

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QUEBEC – After sitting as a private member for three months, Pierre Fitzgibbon will return to the Quebec cabinet as Minister of Economic Development.

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Prime Minister François Legault is due to make the announcement on Wednesday, ending a long saga sparked by revelations that his star minister, Fitzgibbon, held shares in two companies doing business with the government.

These actions put Fitzgibbon in hot water with National Assembly Ethics Commissioner Ariane Mignolet, who said he could not sit as minister until he sold them because it violated article 46 of the code of ethics for deputies.

After reluctantly resigning, Fitzgibbon sat as a private member for the Terrebonne constituency on June 2, setting in motion an effort to divest himself of the stocks he had held during his tenure since 2018.

Finance Minister Eric Girard was immediately sworn in as Minister of Economic Development.

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This means that in order for Fitzgibbon to return to his place at the Cabinet table, he will have to be sworn in. Legault and Fitzgibbon are scheduled to visit the Lieutenant Governor of Quebec in the morning for the swearing-in, then hold a press conference where Fitzgibbon is expected to announce that he has sold the controversial stakes in two companies: White Star Capital (WSC) and ImmerVision.

Mignolet made history in May when she rendered her ruling in the case, recommending that Fitzgibbon lose the right to sit in the Legislature until he sells the shares or resigns. pulls out of cabinet and places the shares in a blind trust, which is standard practice for all politicians.

Fitzgibbon decided to leave the firm without putting the shares in a blind trust. He said he wanted to take the time to sell the shares without a loss.

But for most of his cabinet tenure he has tried to overthrow the system, arguing that it is outdated and discourages business people from becoming politicians because they suffer financial losses.

Legault backed Fitzgibbon, a personal friend he recruited into politics, and made it clear he would be readmitted to Cabinet once his financial problems were resolved.

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