Puppies sold at Vancouver Canada Line station spark outrage

Puppies are being sold in downtown Vancouver and some members of the public are outraged.

Some also wonder if selling puppies in this way is legal or not.

The images were first shared on Twitter by user @Finnsspace. The photos were taken at the Vancouver City Center Canada Line station on Granville and Georgia streets.

Several photos show a large crowd gathered around a few puppies, and the Twitter user in question told Daily Hive that it had been going on for at least a few weeks. She also said there were about five to six puppies, but she wasn’t sure if anyone was buying them.

She told Daily Hive that sellers claim these puppies are “fully trained”.

Many more have stepped in after seeing the photos, including animal rights lawyer Rebeka Breder.

Daily Hive spoke to Breder about the situation.

“If the vendors are on city property, the city can and should do something about it,” she said.


“It infuriates me because the message it sends is that it doesn’t matter – they’re just dogs. But when you unbox it, it’s so much more than that. Are these dogs healthy? Do they have behavior problems? »


Breder thinks this is a major animal welfare issue.

No reputable breeder or person would sell a puppy to a random stranger on the street. In my view, this is a serious public safety and animal welfare issue. »

Breder also tweeted that the practice is “unfortunately not illegal.”

In a statement to Daily Hive, the BC SPCA said that, based on information received by its call center, there did not appear to be any violations of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

“Allegations regarding puppies being sold without a business license and other possible violations should be directed to the City of Vancouver.”

“If people are looking for puppies, we suggest they visit the BC SPCA website,” added Marcie Moriarty, prevention and enforcement manager for the BC SPCA.

“There are a number of resources on the best ways to find a pet.”

The City of Vancouver is working on a response for Daily Hive on this.

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