QR-coded Christmas sweaters display vaccination passport and are ‘functional’, says Toronto company

First there was the paper. Then there were QR codes. Now there’s a new way to display your immunization status, with a festive twist.

This is called the “Ugly Sweater Passport”. Yes, you read that right.

“It’s not an ugly thing that we are vaccinated. In fact, it’s a very good thing – and there’s no reason to hide it, ”Simon Creet, Creative Director at The Hive, told Global News.

His Toronto-based marketing and advertising agency is the developer of the party sweater. “We all have to show that we share our vaccine status, but that doesn’t mean it has to be such an ugly, cold and scrooge experience,” Creet said.

“We wanted to add a little festive spirit to it.

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Unique sweaters display the wearer’s immunization status in the form of a QR code integrated into the design, across the chest. The QR code contains the name and date of birth of the wearer, Creet says.

“There is no other information, and when we do a sweater, we immediately get rid of this information. We don’t store anything, ”Creet said.

Hitting a bar for a pint or an eggnog this holiday season just got easier, the company says. Gone are the days of frantically rummaging through your phone for those screenshots of your vaccine passport, while others get impatient behind you.

“It makes it simple, it’s easy to come in and have fun,” Creet said.

The festive sweaters are available in red and black and display the “functional” QR code of the wearer’s vaccination passport on the front.

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The company claims the code is fully scannable and will allow you to enter any facility. However, Creet advises that the sweater will not replace a person’s official government documents.

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“[The sweaters are] in addition to, not in place of. So with that, it’s just for fun while on vacation – you’ll still need to bring your own [vaccination] status and your ID, ”Creet said.

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For Adrienne Bertrand, director of wines at the Loop Line Wine & Food bar, the only aspect of saving time makes her impatient to embark on this craze for ugly Christmas sweaters.

“I think [the sweaters] are smart enough, make everyone feel welcome – like they’re part of something, ”said Bertrand. “It makes my job really, really easy – and you’ll never forget your vaccination passport.”

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And how much do these festive threads cost?

“The sweaters are free,” Creet said.

The only catch is you will have to register online at UglySweaterPassport.com to have a chance to catch one, as stocks are limited.

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