Quebec Liberals lose support in Montreal as CAQ popularity stabilizes: poll

Behind the two-point drop in support from the Liberals hides a drop of five points in the Montreal region and 13 points among non-Francophones.

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After seeing its popular support drop four points in January, François Legault’s Coalition Avenir du Québec seems to have stabilized in March. He obtained 41% of the vote, or 23 points ahead of the Quebec Liberals, second, according to a poll conducted for the Journal de Montreal.

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The results of Leger Marketing’s online poll of 1,013 adult Quebecers, conducted March 4-6, deliver an overall message of bad news for Dominique Anglade’s Liberals and worsen when the details are examined.

The Liberals appeared to have been stuck at 20% of popular support in several polls over the past few months and the latest poll suggests support has fallen further, to 18 points provincially. And while the Liberals may have assumed that the Montreal region is its power base and non-French-speaking voters a reliable source of support, the poll suggests that support for the party has dropped 13 points among non-French speakers over the past year. last month. Support in the greater Montreal area has dropped five points, according to the poll.

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The Liberals scored dead last among Francophone voters.

A Léger poll published in January suggested that the CAQ had lost four points in popularity to 42%. Pollsters attributed the decline to growing public fatigue with COVID-19 health regulations. This number jumped to 41% in February and remained unchanged in March.

The Conservative Party of Quebec appeared to benefit from this apparent discontent in January, seeing its support climb to 11% from 5% in December, and the March poll sees Eric Duhaime’s center-right party continue its steady rise, although how slow. The Conservatives won 14% in March, the same level of support as in February, and tied for third place in popularity with Quebec solidaire, which climbed two points in March to 14%.

With less than seven months to go before the provincial elections, the Parti Québécois’ downward spiral continued, polling at 10% in March, down one point since February and three points since December.

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