Ranking the top five Canadiens draft picks of all time

The Montreal Canadiens enter the 2022 NHL Draft in an enviable position. Not only did they win the coin toss and the right to select first overall, but they also have 14 picks in the upcoming draft.

The first round is Thursday night and the Canadians are expected to pick first and 26th overall. Rounds 2-7 will be sorted on Friday, with the Canadiens making perhaps 12 picks that day alone.

This would give them the chance to find special players later in the draft. Outside of the first round, heck, outside of the first picks, predicting what players will become is next to impossible. With so many selections, the Habs have a better chance of landing a future impact player with a pick outside of the first round.

It gives them a chance to have a really special draft and it couldn’t happen in a better place. The draft has been held virtually for the past two seasons, but will take place this week inside the Bell Center in Montreal. With the first pick and 13 more picks to go, the Canadiens are sure to have fans in attendance jumping out of their seats.

It truly has the potential to be one of the most memorable draft picks in Canadiens history. That’s saying a lot, because looking back over the years, the Habs had a few franchise-change draft picks. These dynasty teams in the 1970s didn’t come together by accident. They were built in the NHL Draft by taking advantage of early picks and finding late gems as well.

We can only hope the 2022 NHL Draft will go down as one of the best in Canadiens franchise history, but the competition is tough. Let’s take a look at the five best draft picks in the history of the Montreal Canadiens organization.

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