Saleema Nawaz: The TikTok craze for heatless curls changed my life

There seems to be no limit to the number of useful makeup hacks on the popular social media platform.

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Hello adult friends! (I’m not presuming, but you read the print media, after all.) I’m here to tell you that TikTok isn’t just a place where teenagers make mashed potatoes by pouring potato chips into water. boiling water, or where Montreal musicians can go viral to rate ice cubes or set low-stakes internet fights to music. It is also an inexhaustible source of advice on hair and make-up.

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TikTok influencers rack up millions of views and — usually with the help of a catchy new term — generate beauty hashtags that turn into viral trends. There’s slugging – slathering your entire face in petroleum jelly overnight to lock in moisture, and now nail slugging, ditto. And the skin cycle: a four-day skincare regimen that includes one night of exfoliation, one night of retinoids, and two nights of recovery (repeat). There are tons of other beauty routines out there, many of them in the service of trying to achieve #glassskin: an ambitious Korean beauty term (aka K-beauty) for a perfectly smooth, glowing complexion.

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Then there are the makeup tricks like layering tons of blush before your foundation to make your blush really look like it’s coming from within, or applying mascara just to the tips of your lashes. These days on TikTok, you’ll find people showing off so-called mermaid lips or doe lips, following the previous hashtags for mermaid eyes and doe eyes. Good news for us non-teens: there’s also a tired-eye trend — a look that many of us can pull off without even trying.

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A TikTok trend can fly products off the shelves, like Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara (I found it irritated my eyes) and Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty Liquid Blush (I resisted buying it so far, but I’ll probably crack it eventually). TikTok users are also buying Clinique’s Almost Black Honey Lipstick, a cult product that some of us have been using since the 90s. MAC Spice lip liner.

But the TikTok craze that really changed my life was heatless curls — a hack that involves wrapping your hair around a bathrobe tie overnight. Personally, I prefer to be able to zip up my robe, so instead I use a roller that looks like a long satin snake, two scrunchies, and a sturdy claw clip.

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Over the years, I’ve tried just about every curling product and technique: hot rollers, Velcro rollers, curling irons, curl cream – even my flat iron as a pincher for loose curls from time to time. time. Prior to this, a high-end curling iron paired with hairspray worked best, although I found it difficult to get through the 15-20 minutes required.

But with no-heat curls, all you need to do is use a little water (hair should be 95% dry), wrap the hair around the roller, twist and tie, leaving your hair in a kind of pleasant crown on your head. Then go to bed and take it out in the morning. The final effect resembles perfect curling iron curls that gradually relax into styled waves.

I’ve been doing it a few times a week since May, and I’ve never had so many compliments. I’m a fan of heatless curls because no one has more hair or is lazier than me. With this method, it only takes three to five minutes at night. Plus, the hair roller (or, of course, the robe tie) easily gets rid of your locks for bedtime routines — no more toothpaste hair. If you have nowhere to go in the morning, you can leave it on for tighter, longer-lasting curls.

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Now, as they say on the internet: YMMV (your mileage may vary). I have thick, wavy hair, which needs a hairspray to hold the curls from the curling iron, but apparently doesn’t need anything to hold the curls without heat for days between washes. But if you have fine or very straight hair, you may not get the same results.

Most beauty trends on TikTok won’t change your life. For example, a less successful curling hack is to put pieces of your hair in a foil box and heat them up. In other TikToks, young women recommend putting four white dots of makeup around their eyes to hypnotize men, who will likely be mesmerized, but maybe not in the way hoped. You probably don’t need to know clean girl aesthetics or fashion trends like kidcore, pearlcore, Barbiecore or Dark Academia. In fact, Dark Academia is pretty cool. But you definitely don’t need to know vabbing. Seriously, don’t ask.

I have a confession: I deleted TikTok before the COVID-19 pandemic because I could tell it was an addictive waste of time. I’ve heard of heatless curls – where else? – via a product advertised on Facebook: the safest place for us adults to get TikTok news.

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