Senneterre ER fully reopens after being closed overnight since October 18

A few weeks after the partial closure of the emergency room, the family of a sexagenarian blames his death on the interruption of service.

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The emergency at the Senneterre Health Center in Abitibi-Témiscamingue reopened full-time on Monday after being ordered to close last October night.

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On October 18, the center’s emergency room was ordered to close between 4 p.m. and 8 a.m. due to a shortage of nursing staff.

The mayor of Senneterre, Nathalie-Ann Pelchat, confirmed a few days ago that the addition of three nurses to the emergency staff allowed the site to resume full-time operation.

Weeks after the emergency room partially closed, the family of a man in his 60s blamed his death on the service disruption.

Richard Genest, 65 and suffering from severe pain, was forced to call an ambulance because he could not access the emergency room. After a 30-minute wait for the ambulance, Genest was first taken to Val-d’Or, about sixty kilometers away. When it was determined he needed a cardiologist, Genest was transferred to Amos Hospital, located 70 kilometers from Val-d’Or.

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