Skydive Chicago near Ottawa will attempt a world record – Shaw Local

Two hundred highly trained skydivers from the United States, Europe, Australia, Canada and South America will be at Skydive Chicago, just outside Ottawa, in an attempt to break the world skydiving record vertical.

The current record is 164.

Ten planes will carry the men and women Monday morning to 19,000 feet. After jumping, they will only have one minute to chain together for the feat while collapsing at 180 mph to the ground.

To break the record, the 200 jumpers must carefully lock arms in a complex pre-assigned (error-free) pattern before separating and filling the sky with 200 parachutes.

This record was attempted in 2018, but due to unfavorable weather conditions, the participants did not succeed. The last vertical world record achieved was in 2015, when a crew built an upside-down formation of 164 people.

The last time 200 skydivers joined was in 1998 when a 246 lane was completed at Skydive Chicago. The difference between these two dives is substantial. The orientation of the 1998 dive was the traditional belly-down style at around 120 mph. This record poses a significant challenge in the orientation of the skydiver upside down at speeds of approximately 180 mph. This new record illustrates the progress of the sport as skills, training and equipment have improved.

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