Splinter Cell Remake in development at Ubisoft Toronto

Ubisoft has just confirmed that a Exploded cell remake is indeed in development at Ubisoft Toronto.

There were several conflicts Exploded cell rumors in recent months. Some hinted at a new main game, while others thought it would be a spin-off. However, the truth is that Ubisoft is redoing the first one instead. Exploded cell Game.

We haven’t seen it again Exploded cell game since 2013. It was Splinter Cell Blacklist on PC, PS3, Wii U, and Xbox 360. It’s odd that Ubisoft hasn’t revisited the game for so long given the series’ success. Blacklist itself has not been disappointing and has been well received by critics. However, the game sold poorly, selling only 2 million copies instead of the expected 5 million.

Just like the original, the Exploded cell the remake will offer linear gameplay to one player. Unlike other games, Ubisoft feels no need to reinvent the game. It’s even been explicitly stated that the remake won’t be an open-world game, so at least fans have what to expect. In a world full of bland open world games, although we’re actually quite happy that this one is sticking to its roots and going with what it’s proven to work before.

the Exploded cell remake does not have a release date yet. Development is still in its early stages and Ubisoft Toronto is still currently filling some positions for game development.

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