This beach 2 hours from Ottawa has ‘silky sand’ shores and misting stations to keep you cool

If you haven’t booked a summer road trip in Montreal, this dream location might convince you.

Just two hours from Ottawa, the Old Port of Montreal will give you the impression of strolling through a European city and has its own sandy beach right downtown.

Clock Tower Beach is a strip of sand full of bright blue umbrellas and lounge chairs. You can enjoy views of the water on one side and the bustling city on the other, plus it’s free.

You can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city to relax by the river on an urban sandy beach. Choose your chair of choice; there are no fees and no reservations are required.

Although swimming is not permitted, there are a number of misting stations around the beach which will help you cool down. You can also follow a walking path to admire the view.

There is a snack shack nearby where you can find simple meals, ideal for a beach break. The menu includes items like ice cream muddlers, hot dogs, sandwiches, and coffee.

You can also participate in fun events on the beach, such as a fireworks evening or a yoga class. Bring your mat for a yoga class by the river on Tuesdays in the summer. The cost is $12 per class.

The fireworks are for adults only and you can enjoy the light show while a DJ plays. Admission is $7 per person and the next fireworks will be on July 27, August 3 and August 6.

Clock Tower Beach

Price: Free (Unless there is an event)

When: Until September 5, 2022

Address: Old Port of Montreal, Montreal, QC

Why you need to go: You can enjoy a fun summer road trip from Ottawa, spend time relaxing on a sandy stretch and cooling off near a misting station.


Before you go, check out our responsible travel guide to be informed, be safe, be smart, and above all, be respectful on your adventure.

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