This weekend is your last chance to enjoy Montreal’s pedestrian Wellington Promenade

As if the end of festival season and dropping temperatures weren’t sad enough, Montreal’s summer pedestrian streets have begun to close one by one. We only have one week left to take advantage of the pedestrian Wellington Promenade between Regina Street and 6th Avenue.

Closed to traffic since June 1, this stretch of Verdun’s most electric street, aka Time Out’s “World’s Coolest Street 2022,” has been entertaining Montrealers all summer long. It featured traveling installations and entertainment such as the borough’s popular puppet festival.

Pedestrianization ends on September 19, so you still have a little time to enjoy the vast terraces, lounge areas, pretty swings and deckchair facilities. There is also a petanque court located between 4th and 5th Avenues.

The street is also, of course, dense with restaurants and bars. In its ranking of the coolest streets, Tim Out specifically highlighted the Paname restaurant, the Bossa sandwich shop and the Palco and Verdun Beach bars, among others.

The street is currently open to bicycles as well as pedestrians. There is also a free tuk-tuk shuttle service called Well-O to travel along the commercial thoroughfare. You can reserve a race from Thursday to Sunday by calling 514-889-311, ideally 24 hours in advance.

The dismantling of the summer facilities on the boardwalk will take place from September 19 to 23. Cars will be able to access the street again from September 23 and normal STM services will resume on September 24.

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