Three animal charities recommended for City of Vancouver grants

Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association, Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary and Wildlife Rescue Association of BC set to receive funding

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Vancouver council will be asked on Wednesday to donate $12,500 to three local charities that care for non-domestic animals.

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In a report to the council’s Standing Committee on Policy, General Manager of Development, Buildings and Licensing Saul Schwebs recommends that grant money go to the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association, Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary and at the Wildlife Rescue Association of BC.

The report says Vancouver Animal Services relies on these three groups to help its officers when called upon by the public to help with incidents involving birds, small rodents, feral cats and wildlife.

VOKRA’s goal is to reduce the number of stray cats by spaying and neutering wild animals.

“VAS recognizes the extremely important work that VOKRA does for the city’s wild, abandoned, injured and sick cat population,” the report said.

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It is recommended that VOKRA be awarded $4,800.

The Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary has taken approximately 50 birds from the VAS over the past few years and is recommended to receive $4,887.

The Wildlife Rescue Association of BC is set to receive $2,729 to help offset costs associated with providing specialized diets and creating educational materials for the proper care and maintenance of hummingbird feeders.

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