Toronto ace Alek Manoah fires huge shot at Yankees’ Gerrit Cole

New York Yankees ace Gerrit Cole has found himself in a few tumultuous positions in the past, including when the Houston Astros were caught cheating by hitting trash cans to signal specific pitching hitters.

Cole did not benefit from this strategy, given that he was on the opposite side of the ball, but he is still involved as a prop and used the spider tack extensively throughout his career before his 2021 ban. .

Gerrit Cole of the Yankees certainly won’t be happy to hear these comments:

Toronto ace Alek Manoah spoke with Serge Ibaka on his show “How Hungry Are You”, who was asked who the biggest cheater in the league is. Manoah didn’t shy away from hitting Cole, which isn’t surprising since the two had beef last season after Manoah hit Aaron Judge.

“I made a pitch, obviously it hit the judge,” Manoah said. “Obviously I looked at him and said, ‘Man, I’m not trying to do this. I think he got it. I think if Gerrit wants to do something, he can go past the Audi sign (in front of the Yankees dugout) next time.

Cole and many MLB pitchers have used spider tack, so blaming him alone is a little weird. At 32, he still had a strong 2022 season, earning a 3.50 ERA, 11.53 strikeouts per nine, 78.2% base rate and 42 rushed ball rate. .4% over 200.2 innings.

During the playoffs, Gerrit recorded a 2.95 ERA, completely dominating for the most part. Nonetheless, while his numbers have seen a slight reduction in effectiveness, naming him the biggest cheater is certainly out of place.

“He cheated. He used a lot of sticky stuff to improve his pitches. And he got called out about it,” Manoah said.

I highly doubt Cole would respond to these comments in any way, but rather let his work speak for itself.

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