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EXPRESSING PATRIOTISM — The many American flags flying above North Fourth Street and other Toronto neighborhoods are a project of the Toronto Beautification Committee, which is again seeking monetary donations for them. –Warren Scott

TORONTO — From flowers planted at the entrances to the north and south ends of the city to the Third Street gazebo decorated for various occasions, Toronto Beautification Committee volunteers take pride in making Toronto beautiful.

And part of that pride is an expression of citizens’ love for their country, conveyed by the many American flags displayed above the streets of the city.

The group is also behind them, with the help of residents and businesses contributing financially to ensure their good condition.

Mary Beth Patterson, who coordinates the group’s flag fund, said it was time again to seek donations for the cause.

She said that with the help of George Komar, President of the Toronto Coalition for Revitalization, those who donate in memory or in honor of a loved one will be recognized with an exhibit at the Municipal Building in Toronto and on the coalition’s Facebook page.

Donations of $20 are requested and can be made payable to TBC and sent to Robertson at 905 North Third St., Toronto, OH 43964.

The flags are purchased from an American company in cooperation with US Representative Bill Johnson, R-Marietta.

Robertson said the contributions came from inside and outside the city and included a group of Marines visiting the city to honor Nathan Rock, a Toronto native who was killed in action while serving in Iraq. in 2005.

While the display of American flags is a centuries-old Toronto tradition, the practice received a major boost under former Mayor Robert Wilson, with an added effort made to express residents’ unity with fellow Americans at the following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

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