Toronto restaurant known for take-out chicken is definitely closing


The last restaurant in Toronto to close for good may have been hiding under your nose the whole time, serving chicken in a Mexican restaurant.

Quetzal became the home of Don Pollo last year, a ghost concept specializing in Sinaloan-style Cornish chicken with sides like potatoes, coleslaw, charred pineapple and guacamole with fries. They also served sandwiches and a shrimp cocktail.

Don Pollo posted on social media yesterday that the team will now be focusing on Quetzal again and bidding “a loving (indefinite) farewell to Don Pollo”.

“Don Pollo was created as a temporary concept during COVID to help keep our staff employed and provide user-friendly take-out, as quetzal has always been best enjoyed as a dinner in the experience,” the owner said. Grant van Gameren at blogTO.

“Now that terraces and indoor dining are allowed, we are putting them aside as we refocus our efforts on using restaurant space and staff for Quetzal, as we cannot do both. at the same time. “

Quetzal is known for its log fire, which was put to good use for the Don Pollo concept, but typically serves dishes like ceviche, steak, and small tortilla platters.

If you don’t want to say goodbye to the takeaway project, don’t worry: they put a heirloom chicken inspired by it on the Quetzal menu.

The last takeaway service for Don Pollo will take place on July 25.

“We can’t promise anything at the moment, but we hope that one day the concept will come back in some form, somewhere,” says van Gameren.

“Ideally, not because we’re in another lockdown. “

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