Toronto’s New Night Market Will Take You To Asia And Here’s A First Look (PHOTOS)

Toronto’s latest opening will take you to a whole different place. Superfresh is a new Asian night market located in the annex, and if you’re looking for a unique experience, it’s worth a visit.

Boasting 4,000 square feet of immersive decor, vendors and more, the venue offers tons of food to try as well as drinks and entertainment. But it’s not just the kitchen in this place.

Superfresh was born out of a desire to create a “shameless space” that celebrates Asian culture. The market includes Asian-owned and operated businesses and pays homage to Korea’s first 24-hour convenience store that was once located in the annex.

“The opportunity was to come together and build something that was a showcase of Asian culture,” says co-owner James Lee.

“There was a stigma of being Asian during COVID,” adds co-owner Trevor Lui. “What people don’t understand is you have a regular business that has suffered from COVID, and you have a business that is in the food industry. Then you have an Asian-owned business in the food industry. food. There are layers that made it worse for us.”

Exterior of Superfresh in <a class=Toronto, Ontario.” class=”rm-shortcode rm-lazyloadable-image” data-rm-shortcode-id=”bbb8ea2d0b2b90f77a7e377c593c5f62″ data-rm-shortcode-name=”rebelmouse-image” data-runner-src=”″ height=”3024″ id=”f598d” lazy-loadable=”true” data-src=”data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg xmlns=” http:=”” viewbox=”0 0 4032 3024″ width=”4032″/>
Exterior of Superfresh in Toronto, Ontario.Madeleine Forsyth | Narcity

“We need to see a change in how Asian culture is represented, including our food, including what we charge for food, […] and stereotypes around Asians.”

Open six days a week, Superfresh offers traditional food, drinks and events in an authentic environment, and here’s a look inside.


Everything about Superfresh has been designed to transport you to a different place. From brightly colored colanders hanging from the ceiling to neon signs and canvas bags, the market is brimming with nostalgia and authentic aspects of Asian culture.

“We encourage our customers to not just walk in, sit down and eat. We want them to walk the space,” Lui says.

Entrance with colored strainers hanging from the ceiling. Madeleine Forsyth | Narcity

“There are a lot of personal touches here. A lot of the design elements are actually things we brought from home and from our grandparents,” says Lee. “We wanted a certain familiarity in space that would resonate with people and take them either back to their childhood or to a trip they took a few years back in Asia.”

Dining room inside Superfresh.
Dining room inside Superfresh.Madeleine Forsyth | Narcity

The wide-open interior features a bodega where you can purchase snacks and traditional groceries, as well as a large dining room and bar lit by neon signs.

Food vendors are located along the market, and you can breathe in the smell of meals being prepared, as well as watch the unique process that goes into certain dishes such as hand-pulled noodles.

Bodega serving unique and authentic snacks.
Bodega serving unique and authentic snacks. Madeleine Forsyth | Narcity

In the back, you will discover a speakeasy where you can order alcoholic drinks. You’ll need a password to enter, and it changes weekly, but you can find clues as to what it is on Superfresh’s Instagram page.

Makeshift cat moving wall and bike display.
Makeshift cat moving wall and bike display.Madeleine Forsyth | Narcity

The design and decor create a transport experience and you’ll want to take the time to explore the space. The moving fortune cat wall, display of bicycles, and graffiti by Asian artists are some of the aspects you will come across.

“Please take off your shoes” accessory.Madeleine Forsyth | Narcity

One notable accessory that has sparked some discussion is the “Please remove your shoes” sign on the front.

“It’s been a really big thing online,” laughs Lui. “There were fights, and we love it because it created a bit of a buzz.”

The food

The market is home to seven vendors and brands that represent different regions of Asia such as Northern China, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Korea.

The menu celebrates Asian cuisine and you can order all kinds of authentic dishes, from hand-pulled noodles to dumplings and cheesecake.

Sando Shrimp from Katsupan.
Sando Shrimp from Katsupan.Madeleine Forsyth | Narcity

A popular item to try is Katsupan’s Prawn Sando. Wrapped between soft slices of bread, this sandwich will take you to flavor heaven.

Braised Beef Brisket Bowl from Big Beef Bowl.
Braised Beef Brisket Bowl from Big Beef Bowl.Madeleine Forsyth | Narcity

Another notable dish is the Braised Beef Brisket Bowl from Big Beef Bowl. Loaded with hand-pulled noodles, this steaming bowl will warm your soul, and the noodles are freshly made with every order.

Satay Ayam by JaJan.
Satay Ayam by JaJan.Madeleine Forsyth | Narcity

If you’re looking for next-level flavor, try JaJan’s Satay Ayam. The skewers come with hot rice and the peanut sauce is deliciously memorable.

Bao Bird Steamed Baos.
Bao Bird Steamed Baos.Madeleine Forsyth | Narcity

Bao Bird’s Steamed Baos are always a good option, and the soft and chewy buns will melt in your mouth. You can get a variety of flavors including pork belly and sweet potato.

Bao Bird Popcorn Chicken.
Bao Bird Popcorn Chicken.Madeleine Forsyth | Narcity

Bao Bird also serves deliciously crispy popcorn chicken, perfect for sharing with friends.

The drinks

Conceptualized by beverage expert Evelyn Chick, the Superfresh cocktail offering is inspired by Asian flavors and puts a modern spin on classic drinks.

White and blue teapot.
White and blue teapot. Madeleine Forsyth | Narcity

The main bar offers four “crushable cocktails” on tap that pair with the various dishes available on the market. In the speakeasy, you will discover cocktails with more adventurous ingredients, such as the Tahini Cashew Orgeat.

You can sip the Superfresh Spritz, which features lemongrass-infused Northern Keep vodka, homemade Pomelo Ginseng cordial and sparkling wine on tap, as well as the Punch Punch Peach made with Brugal 1888 Premium rum, Chum Charm Peach Soju and fresh lime juice.

Superfresh cocktail.
Superfresh cocktail.super fresh

Drinks like beer, sake, soju, and Baijiu are also available to order from a menu focused on Asian and local businesses.

super fresh

Dining room and bar at Superfresh.

Madeleine Forsyth | Narcity

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Asian

Address: 384 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON

Why you have to go: This Asian night market will transport you to another world and you can taste authentic food and drink.


This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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