US and Canadian officials accuse Russia of war crimes after deadly missile strike at Vinnytsia, Ukraine

Senior Western officials have directly accused their Russian counterparts of war crimes after a missile strike on a Ukrainian town far behind the front lines.

Ukraine said Thursday’s strike on Vinnytsia, a town of 370,000 people about 200 kilometers southwest of the capital Kyiv, was carried out using Kalibr cruise missiles launched from a submarine. Russian in the Black Sea.

Kyiv officials said the attack killed at least 23 people.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called Russia a “terrorist” state, called for more sanctions against the Kremlin and said the death toll in Vinnytsia could rise.

“Unfortunately, that’s not the final number,” he said.

“Debris clearing continues. Dozens of people are missing. There are serious injuries [people] among those hospitalized.

Mr Zelenskyy told an international conference aimed at prosecuting war crimes in Ukraine that the attack hit “an ordinary, peaceful town”.

“No other state in the world poses such a terrorist threat as Russia,” Zelenskyy said.

Three children, including a four-year-old girl named Lisa, were killed in Thursday’s attack.(Reuters: National Emergency Service of Ukraine)

Russia has reiterated that it is not targeting civilians in what it calls its ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine

He said his attack hit a military training center.

Reuters could not independently verify the Battlefield accounts.

Vinnytsia is home to the command headquarters of the Ukrainian Air Force, according to an official Ukrainian military website, a target that Russia used cruise missiles to try to hit in March, the official said at the time. Ukrainian Air Force.

Ukraine’s state emergency service said three children, including a four-year-old girl named Lisa, were killed in Thursday’s attack.

71 other people were hospitalized and 29 others are missing.

He posted a photo on his Telegram channel of a toy kitten, a toy dog ​​and flowers lying in the grass.

“Little girl Lisa, killed by the Russians today, has become a ray of sunshine,” he said.


“You share the responsibility”

The attack overshadowed the start of a G20 finance ministers meeting in Indonesia on Friday.

Senior US and Canadian officials accused the Russian officials present of being guilty of atrocities.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen condemned Russia’s “brutal and unjust war” and said Russian finance officials shared responsibility.

A burnt-out car in front of a damaged building is shown at dawn in bright sunlight
More than 40 countries have agreed to coordinate investigations into alleged war crimes.(Reuters: Vitalii Hnidyi)

“By unleashing this war, Russia is solely responsible for the negative fallout on the global economy, especially the rise in commodity prices,” she said.

Canadian Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland told Russian officials at the meeting that she held them personally responsible for “war crimes”, a Western official told Reuters.

As Russia continued its offensive in Ukraine’s Donbass region, the United States and more than 40 other countries agreed on Thursday to coordinate investigations into alleged war crimes.

The war in Ukraine has sent prices for grains, cooking oils, fuel and fertilizers skyrocketing, and fueled a global food crisis.

The United States took steps Thursday to facilitate Russian food and fertilizer exports by reassuring banks, shipping and insurance companies that such transactions would not violate Washington’s sanctions against Moscow.

Allowing these Russian exports is a key part of attempts by the United Nations and Turkey to broker a comprehensive deal with Moscow that would unblock a blockade on the Black Sea port of Odessa to allow Ukrainian grain shipments.

The Kremlin has said Russia is ready to end what the West calls Moscow’s unprovoked war of aggression if Kyiv agrees to its terms, including formal recognition of Russian control over Crimea, annexed by Moscow in 2014, and the independence of two self-declared countries supported by Russia. small states in eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine has repeatedly declared that it does not want to concede any territory and that it will take back all land lost by force.

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