Vancouver residents express frustration with British Columbia’s mask policy


“Why else have the numbers increased by [a] factor of 10 once the mask has been removed? ”asked a local.

Do you always wear a mask indoors?

While the mask policy was lifted in British Columbia on July 1, many people feared there would be a spike in COVID-19 cases after the decision.

Since the lifting of the order, many residents have shared their experiences on social networks. Several of them believe that the health and safety of businesses, employees and customers are at risk because of the relaxed rules.

Now, as cases have started to increase across the province, locals are once again concerned that some restrictions will be reinstated across the province. In particular, people are expressing their concerns about the masks.

Originally from Terrace, Crystal Mundy spent her adult life in Kelowna and moved to Edmonton in June for her final residency with Alberta Health Services. She said Vancouver is awesome ina july interview that she was involved in several “COVID-related” projects during the pandemic. She is part of a group that runs the Safer Shopping Network – a directory of outlets / services that continue to demand masks.

The #fireBonnie hashtag started to gain traction on Twitter Monday night, August 9, with many residents of the Metro Vancouver area expressing frustration with the handling of the pandemic by the provincial health officer, the Dr Bonnie Henry.

Mundy said on the social media platform that she believed BC’s best doctor was “watching this happen again.”

Take a look at what other locals had to say.

A few people noted, however, that the hashtag was “harmful” and would not solve the problems.

Masks are optional in most of British Columbia

Most of the new COVID-19 infections in British Columbia continue to occur in the central Okanagan, and that is why only this part of British Columbia has a mask mandate for indoor public places, according to Henry.

During a daily press briefing on August 6, the provincial officer said: “In no way did we say it was not appropriate. [to wear masks in public settings.] I have said many times and continue to say, “People should, and should, wear masks in indoor public spaces, especially when you are surrounded by people, if they are crowded indoor spaces. , where we know this virus can be transmitted. That remains the recommendation that remains in place, which remains what people should do, and it is now mandatory in the central Okanagan rate. “

Many businesses across the province continue to require all customers to wear masks, but since this is not a public health order, they have more to explain to customers as to why they are demanding. the measure.

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