Vancouver Weather: It will be warmer than 30° every day next week

The hottest spell to date this summer is about to hit Vancouver, and it’s unlikely to be cooler than 30° for days.

According to The Weather Network, the last week of July is expected to be the hottest summer in British Columbia. “An upper level ridge anchored south of the border will push temperatures up,” TWN said.

Conditions could be primed to create a “hit heat event,” TWN said. Environment Canada has not yet issued any heat warnings for British Columbia as of 3 p.m. Saturday, July 23.

Here’s what TWN’s predictions look like for next week:

The weather network

For the next seven days, it will be hotter than 30° every day. The worst days will be from Tuesday to Thursday where even if the thermometer indicates around 30°, it will be almost 40°.

That means Vancouver will be cooler than Los Angeles, California, and just as warm as Miami, Florida next week.

The warm weather ahead in Vancouver could not only make things uncomfortable for residents, but also dangerous for the city’s most vulnerable people.

So do your part to stay cool, check on neighbors and family, and share resources to beat the heat.

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