Vancouver’s nudist paradise, Wreck Beach, named one of the world’s best places to swim


Vancouver’s famous Wreck Beach, where clothing is optional, has been named one of the world’s best places to swim.

In a ranking compiled by the American dating advice and advice site, Wreck Beach reached the final top 25 (in 23rd place) after a scoring process that took into account four main considerations: weather, quality of location / beach, safety, and local accommodation costs.

Additional weight in these categories is given to air and water pollution and average air and water temperatures for the months of June, July and August.

All of the metrics involved in rating 100 beaches around the world (where public nudity is legal) were then applied to a 100 point scale. More information on the site’s ranking methodology, along with descriptions of the top 25 beaches in the world and a table of the 100 international skinny dipping spots, can be found here.

The ideal average water temperature for the competition was set at 27 ° C, with the best air temperature set at 28 ° C.

A small uninhabited islet, Lokrum Island in the Adriatic Sea near Dubrovnik, Croatia, took first place in the world with a combined ranking of 84.5.

Acadia Beach to Wreck Beach, looking north.
Wikimedia Commons / Bartbraun

The average water temperature in Lokrum is 25 ° C; its air stabilizes at a gentle 29 °; and its average hotel cost (in US dollars) was $ 98.

Wreck Beach managed to reach 48.5 points overall on the scale, with an average water temperature of just 12.4 ° C and somewhat more hospitable air temperatures of 20 ° C. Our average accommodation costs were almost double that of the first, at $ 177.


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