WATCH: Vancouver cop pushes man to the ground


The man insanely beaten by a Liberal candidate in the last provincial election is now running for the Maverick Party in the next election.

Geoff Shoesmith, a gas station operator in the small town of Walsh, launched his campaign for the federal riding of Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner the same week his political and business rival was jailed for eight months for assaulting him .

With the time already served, Anwar Kamaran will be released in 36 days.

Shoemaker’s announcement

“On August 8, it is alleged that Mr. Kamaran assaulted a woman in Walsh and, on August 9, assaulted two men. All the victims are from the same family, ”the RCMP said in a statement at the time.

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Kamaran pleaded guilty to six counts in June, including assault causing bodily harm to the attack on Shoesmith and the assault on Geoff’s son David. He also pleaded guilty to uttering threats and violating a no-contact order.

Assault victim Shoesmith and Crown Attorney Jase Cowan have requested a “ban clause” to protect Kamaran’s Shoesmith family once he is released, CBC reported.

But Provincial Court Judge Gordon Krinke said the order, which would have prevented Kamaran from returning home and going to his business in the small community about 50 km east of Medicine Hat, was not “Not appropriate. They have proposed a 5 km no-go zone around Shoesmith’s home and business, which is located across from Kamaran’s Walsh Save On Gas.

A court order will be in place before Kamaran is released to stay away from the Shoesmith family.

The court heard that Kamaran’s attack on Shoesmith happened inside his rival’s gas station and was caught on security camera.

After entering the store, Kamaran rushed behind the counter and hit Shoesmith in the head, knocking him out. After falling to the ground, he received several more punches, remaining unconscious for five minutes, CBC reported.

Kamaran then left the gas station after the attack and went to Shoesmith’s next door home, where he punched David Shoesmith in the face.

Kamaran courtesy of the Alberta Liberals

Kamaran was the Liberal candidate for the riding of Cypress-Medicine Hat in the 2019 provincial election.

He finished dead last with 219 votes. UCP’s Drew Barnes won the seat. He has since been kicked out of caucus and sits as an independent.

A biography posted on the Alberta Liberals’ website indicates that Kamaran “owns a Petro-Canada gas station in Walsh and also owns a trucking business.” He speaks seven languages, has a fine arts degree and is an accomplished musician. He is married with four children and in his spare time he is a bodybuilder and kickboxer.

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