What the Toronto Maple Leafs Front Office wants for Christmas

The Toronto Maple Leafs would like to receive some gifts for Christmas this year.

Even though the NHL season has been put on hold, that doesn’t mean the Toronto Maple Leafs’ season is over. With the rising numbers of Covid, it was actually the perfect time for the team to take a break, as more than half of their team has been affected by the virus.

For nearly two months, the Leafs were sheltered from a Covid epidemic and were one of the few teams that did not have to worry about a thing. However, the enviable one happened and the team were ultimately smitten.

Fortunately, from all the reports it seems that everyone is feeling fine and not too sick, so this is a huge plus. However, it’s never something you want to see happen.

Whatever the situation, with everyone back home, the front office is clearly going to want some Christmas presents.

3 things the Toronto Maple Leafs reception wants for Christmas

1. For Justin Holl to play better

It wasn’t too long ago that Justin Holl and Jake Muzzin were hailed as the Leafs’ best stopping duo. However, after Timothy Liljegren and Rasmus Sandin show their true potential this year, Holl’s game is shaping up to be worse overnight.

The 29-year-old averages over 20 minutes a night, is almost the last on the squad is Corsi For% and only has one point. Holl starts 60 percent of the time in the defensive zone and isn’t someone you are looking for to contribute offensively, but you would think by accident that he would have at least five assists or a goal already.

With a $ 2 million AAV contract, Holl is a great asset, but could also be a solid business chip. The front office would much prefer to see him play better than trade him.

2. So that Jake Muzzin never hits Mitch Marner again in training

When we all saw Mitch Marner yelling at Jake Muzzin in practice we thought it was cute. However, it turned out that Muzzin actually hurt Marner, as he had planned three to four weeks.

As a result, the Leafs can’t afford to hit their best superstar in practice. Muzzin is a big boy and probably thought he was harmless, but you can’t let him hit one of your best players in training. As such, it’s certainly something the Leafs front office is asking Santa, for Christmas this year.

3. For Petr Mrazek to start 50 percent of the remaining games

From the way Jack Campbell has played all year, I forgot Petr Mrazek was still with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Also, the fact that he’s on a three-year, $ 3.8 million AAV contract scares me because this team has to donate some of that money to Campbell’s next contract.

If the front office doesn’t want to sound like fools by giving Mrazek this contract, they are certainly asking for Christmas, for Mrazek to start 50 percent of the remaining games this year.

When he was originally signed, the idea was for Mrazek and Campbell to go their separate ways, but that never happened. If the Leafs are to go far in the playoffs this year, they’ll need a healthy and rested Campbell, so the friendly competition between Mrazek and Campbell is only good.

Maybe Mrazek will go on a heater and we’ll discuss which goalie wins the net in Game 1 of the playoffs this year?

Either way, the Leafs should want Mrazek to play more games and be the competitive player they hoped he would be.

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