Where can you learn shuffling dancing in Vancouver?

The weekly brewing get-togethers in Robson Square are open to anyone who wants to vibe together, teach others and have fun

“I want to teach so many people how to shuffle,” said Mitchell Sartori, YVR Shufflers coordinator and organizer. “I’m looking to rebuild this group.”

Every Wednesday, Sartori and others from YVR Shufflers gather at the Robson Square ice rink to dance together and teach those who want to learn.

“The rink has been a meeting place for years for the shuffling community, my first encounter was here,” Sartori said. “We realized that the ice rink is a better dance floor.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down those who passionately met to dance together and with the lifting of restrictions, in-person encounters can start again.

YVR Shufflers isn’t the first band to start meeting downtown. “There were bands going on way back in time, like 10 years in the past,” Sartori said. “All the people who were running them, they kind of all just kind of dissipated and went on their own thing.”

Sartori felt he needed to develop a brewing community in Vancouver again. “So whoever was still there, it was like, oh, I guess I’ll take it back,” he said.

Shuffling first started in Australia’s underground rave scene where it was given the name Melbourne Shuffle, the popular dance has exploded in popularity with festival goers and EDM fans around the world.

“It was in a nice place where it was, very popular and a lot of people seem to know that.”

Every week more and more people came to meet and wanted to dance together and the members of the group gladly gave tutorials to beginners wishing to learn how to mix.

“We have people passing by and wanting us to teach them,” Sartori said. “They either see it in person or they see it online and their response is always ‘Wow, that’s cool. I want to learn!’ ”

You can find YVR Shufflers on Wednesdays at 5 p.m. at the Robson Square ice rink as well as on social media. Follow them on Instagram @YVRShufflers and Facebook at YVR Shufflers.

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